Our approach is to always provide quality services using proven methodologies. Quality talent is essential to ensuring your projects are successful. We consistently deliver quality professionals that meet your skill requirements and are a solid match with your IT culture. Our goal is to provide unprecedented support by meeting your objectives. We want to understand your current and future IT initiatives.


Understanding the Work Order

Our approach to recruiting begins with a thorough understanding of each Work Order.

Communicate with client in order to better understand the skill set needed. 


Resource Identification

Identify potential candidates which match the skill set needed is done first from the resource pool of candidates that have directly worked with Gika on previous projects. Should the candidate not have direct working relationships with Gika, an interview process designed to identify technical expertise, as well as, personal character and professionalism, is executed. 


Staffing Plan

The success of projects will depend on the quality of its people staffed to its projects. More specifically, a team of highly skilled people with an array of technical experience required providing you superior information technology (IT) services on time and within budget. The Gika team offers exactly that, a carefully chosen team.